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1989 – 1992 Sydney Australia


Phillip White, Gary Fletcher, Anne Maree Weatherall and Scot Mcphee
indirect support and bits of gear from Andrew Parsonage, John Jacobs, Ian Andrews, Alex Karinsky, Garry Bradbury, 
Tom Ellard

Music Releases:
Piltdown Man 1990: Compact Cassette released by CCP records. 
Subjective 1991: Compact Cassette released by Metatron

Gigs Played: 
Evening Star Hotel, The Journalists Club, Lewisham Hotel, Mars (Nightclub)

BLAT was formed in 1989 by Phillip White, an amateur alternative muso/composer whose previous form included membership of underground Sydney acts IAU, Cannibals of Style and MK Ultra & the Assassins of Light. These groups featured metal percussion, improvised vocals, tape loops, synthesizers and home made instruments. Stage performances also made strong  use of visual media, including slides, film and video and installations. Notable live shows between 1982 – 1985 were: The Anarchists end of year party Sydney University, The first underground Hyde Park railway tunnel event, Video Magazine at the Sydney Trade Union Club and performances at Art Unit, The Yugal Soccer Club and Newtown Rules Club. No music was released during this period although there are recordings of jam sessions and live performances which survive to this day.

The full story

Phil twisting samples

BLAT – Subjective (Album)
Track List (audio rip from the one off tape that Phil made for me.)

01 - I Admit
02 - Pearls of Wisdom
03 - TV Eye
04 - Buy My Sister
05 - Jimmy
06 - Holy Gram
07 - Shadow of Her Smile
08 - Eastern Push
09 - Stay With Me
10 - Needs & Wants
11 - Hole in the Ozone Layer
12 - Fuck Child
13 - Loaded Gun (Phils first single produced by Jeff Duff)

Phil and I at the Evil Star, Surry Hills.

 Cannibals of Style/IAU making a racket on the 2nd floor of the Sydney Trade Union Club at an event organised by Art Unit in 1984. That's Phil in the welders goggles

Cannibals of Style did some gigs, this is supposed to be one of themIAU Live STUC May 1984

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