Sunday, November 14, 2010

BLAT - Piltdown Man - 1991

Piltdown Man had a somewhat different feel to it from the Christian bashing Godless. In spite of it's quirky nature and better production, most people preferred the previous release. Two tracks were sung by Phil. 
“ TV Eye” a highly bastardised version of the Stoooges classic and “Take me back to Arkansas” a strange lengthy song with an electronic country punk twang. 
“Art Skool” was recorded with Garry Bradbury, one time member of Severed Heads. 
“I Admit” was used as a backing track for a commercial for TV broadcaster SBS.  
“Eastern Push’ aka “Jihad” was perhaps the most technically advanced track on the cassette and went on to win the contemporary music section of the Australasian Academy of Broadcast Arts and Sciences (Pater awards). 
“Stay With Me” started off life as a cover of Ted Nugent’s Snakeskin Cowboys but eventually mutated into something more bizarre when mated with  Anne Maree’s words and vocals. 

Song List – Piltdown Man 1991
01  I Admit
02  Pearls of Wisdom
03  Buy My Sister
04  Art Skool
05  Take me Back to Arkansas
06  Piltdown Man - MISSING
07  Yogi Bear - MISSING
08  TV Eye
09  No Sin You can Sin
10  Eastern Push
11  Stay With Me
12  Self Mutilating Behaviour - MISSING
13  Shadow of Her Smile

Phil may find these tracks or not.  78.1MB - 160 & 256 kbps mp3

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