Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BLAT Extra and Unreleased Tracks

Phil - far right - playing in one of his early bands, IAU, at the Sydney Trade Union Club 1984

 BLAT was formed in 1989 by Phillip White, an amateur alternative muso/composer who’s previous form included membership of underground Sydney acts IAU, Cannibals of Style and MK Ultra & the Assassins of Light.
These groups featured metal percussion, improvised vocals, tape loops, synthesizers and home made instruments. Stage performances also made strong use of visual media, including slides, film and video and installations.

BLAT instrumentation and recording equipment
Atari ST Mega4 computer with Steinberg Cubase.
Tascam ½ inch 8 track recorder
Ensoniq Mirage sampler
Roland D110 rack synthesizer
Casio CZ101 digital synthesizer
Akai S612 sampler
Korg MS20 Analog Synthesiser
Roland Sh101 Analog Synthesiser
Roland MC202 sequencer
Vesta Kaza digital delay
Ibanez DM1100 Digital delay
EMU systems EMax digital reverb
1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom on Lick The Knife (Fuck Child)

Extra Tracks List
01 - Things (are all around me that only I can see Cause I took too much LSD back in 1970)
02 - Overcast
03 - Photo Falling
04 - Please Forgive Me
05 - Booster
06 - Do You See It
07 - Drip Filter
08 - Drivetime Radar Music
09 - Fibro
10 - Its All In Your Mind
11 - Lick The Knife (Fuck Child)

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