Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Safe Sex Song - Su Fischer

Safe Sex Song

We were at a party, dim light 
You winked at me that night 
Then we held each other tight 
You thought that we might 
I understood you alright
You looked like Lawrence Harvey in that light 
Except for the bald patch, what a sight 
And a yellow shirt, much too bright

Your eyebrows met in the middle of your face 
I suppose my false eyelashes were a case 
We started walking to my place 
You had trumps but I had an ace

We kissed real passionately 
I said "Will you take responsibility 
I'm not covered against pregnancy 
I'm not on the pill, diaphragm or I.U.D."

You said "I don't feel like it anymore 
This talk of contracepitves is a bore 
I wish you'd told me this before 
Just a few kisses, I thought I'd scored

If you think I'd use a condom 
Honey you got me all wrong 
Responsibility's a chick's song 
Rubbers are like fucking a thong"

Oh well, one thing about celibacy 
There is no risk of pregnancy or disease 
Five minutes of sex for all that worry 
I won't do it again in a hurry

Su Fischer

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