Friday, September 12, 2014

50 MILLION BEERS - MARRICKVILLE BOWLO - Sunday 14th September 2014

50 MILLION BEERS will be road testing several new numbers from their forthcoming album WELCOME STRANGER at the MARRICKVILLE BOWLO this coming Sunday 14th September. The Mysterious Stranger, bootlegger, pale rider and Devil's Left Hand JD Love will be strappin' on to bust them strings. Studioside, JD did some blisterin' work on said biscuit too. Having said that, mighty mighty axework was also done for the album on the cat o' six wails by ROSCOE FOTHERINGHAM, pictured fourth from left here, crowding out Frank Thring. Quite a feat in itself. ROSCOE splits his time between freeballin' for 50 MILLION BEERS and his day job crankin' de top rankin riddum for KING TIDE. This looming Sunday Bowloside also sees a fistful of top roots stars cram onto the Bowlo stage in the person of OUT OF NOWHERE, a thundering herd and bubblin' copper distill of rootsy tootsy hootsy stylings, "the sound of the jungle at midnight," say the drums of the Pygmy Banda. AND fling themselves at youse, our beloved public, from 4.30 PM, follered by the BEERS at around 6. Be oily, Coily. See youse there. If youse dare.

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